Bored? Here Are 25 Ways to Beat the Lull

Whether you’re social distancing or just have nothing to do, here are 25 inspiring ways to beat the boredom blues.

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Let’s face it — life isn’t always a fun fest. Sometimes we’re stuck in the lull. It could be a Saturday evening stuck at home, or it could be a Wednesday afternoon stuck at your desk. Whatever it is, don’t get stuck in the doldrums. Here is a list of 25 inspiring things to choose from that are sure to beat the boredom blues.

  1. Go for a walk.
  2. Write a letter to a friend.
    We don’t write letters enough. Seriously. Everything has become so fast-paced, so instant. Letter writing is a chance to slow down. It’s a time when you can think of someone who isn’t near you, let them know what’s going on with you, and share how much they mean to you. Think about how much you’d like to receive a letter like this. Write enough letters, and your own mailbox could start filling with nice notes from people who are thinking about you, too. But first, you need to start the trend.
  3. Write a story or poem.
  4. Paint rocks.
    In my town, there’s a whole group of people who paint rocks and then hide them for other people to find, and then post to social media. When was the last time you did something artistic just for fun? This is a good place to start. You can be as abstract or detailed as you want in your design. Then you can either hide them for someone else to find and enjoy, or you can keep them for yourself, maybe even make a rock garden out of your creations. Need some ideas? This Pinterest board has tons of them.
  5. Skip rocks in the river.
  6. Learn origami.
    Origami isn’t just about folding paper. It can be a full-blown meditation. It can also create some pretty cool things. Here’s a great site to get you started.
  7. Learn ten new words.
    It’s always a good idea to expand your vocabulary. It improves your writing skills. It increases your writing. It gives you new ways to express yourself. And it’s just a smart thing to do. So how do you do this? See #9 and #10. Or just open a dictionary to a random page and pick a word. Oh wait, we’re in the digital age. Who has a dictionary anymore? WE ALL DO. Go to and poke around. There are tons of ways they make it easy to learn new words, starting with the Word of the Day.
  8. Teach yourself ten new phrases in a different language.
    Skulle det inte vara trevligt att tala ett nytt språk?
  9. Read a book.
    Shameless plug.
  10. Solve a crossword puzzle.
  11. Draw a picture.
  12. Take a picture.
    Your Instagram feed will thank you. Not sure what to take a picture of? There are literally hundreds of things around you at this very second. But if your cold cup of coffee (seriously, go get a warm up) isn’t inspiring you, maybe this A-Z list of ideas will.
  13. Help someone in need.
  14. Bake something.
  15. Learn a new skill.
    On this one, it helps to think outside the box. You can learn a few new sailor knots or how to count rings to tell how old a tree is. Or you can learn to walk a tightrope at circus school! The sky is the limit, and you only live once. Plus, think how cool you’ll be at parties.
  16. Take a class.
    Best thing I ever did was go back to college. I’m currently improving my writing skills though a really good creative writing class. But you know what other class expanded my horizons? Astronomy. I got to learn about the space out there, stay up late and identify things in the night sky, learn the constellations, and so much more. Now that the class is over, you can still find me staring up at the sky, mesmerized by how huge our universe is and how small we really are.
  17. Teach a dog a new trick.
  18. Mentor a young person.
  19. Learn from an older person.
    Spend the afternoon with your grandparent, or your aunt/uncle, or your neighbor down the street, or a coworker. Volunteer at a senior center, or just volunteer in general (you’ll find many generous seniors who are using their extra time to help others). Make the time to listen to someone who’s experienced more life than you. You might be surprised at what you learn.
  20. Listen.
    Listen in general. My coworker keeps a Post-It on his desk that says, “Why Am I Talking” — WAIT. Keep your ears open more than your mouth. You’ll not only be more informed, but it will keep you from saying something stupid.
  21. Sing.
  22. Take a nap.
    (At work, my car is my favorite lunchtime nap spot)
  23. Listen to a podcast.
  24. Make a vision board.
  25. Plant something.
    Side note on this. I am not known for growing things. In fact, I’m so much better at killing them (my kids and pets have miraculously survived). But over the last year, I’ve been nurturing some houseplants I keep in our dining room where it gets the best light, and I can’t tell you how much joy it gives me to see them flourishing. Granted, all I’m doing is giving them light, watering them here and there, and pruning as needed. But when a new leaf appears or it grows a little taller, there I am saying, “Look at you! Look how big you’re getting!” I never thought I’d enjoy plants this much.

What are some things you do to bust the boredom blues? Please share!

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