5 Non-Curated Medium Stories You Won’t Want To Miss

From a train of lights in the night sky to writing a novel in 30 days, here are a few articles you may not have seen.

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Curation isn’t everything. That said, I don’t think there’s a Medium author on here who doesn’t feel a bit bummed out when their article isn’t chosen by the curators, thus slipping into oblivion as if it had never been written at all.

We write for an audience, and without curation, that audience may never know we exist.

So curation isn’t everything, but it does help a whole lot.

I’m lucky to have been curated numerous times, especially since I started writing for Medium so late in the game. My first article was curated, and then set the bar ultra high by amassing 31K page views. I just so happened to write about something super personal that also tapped into a hot button topic that resonated with thousands. Months later, it still brings in a nice little income.

Nothing I’ve written since then has come close to those numbers, which is fine because none of my other articles have been controversial in the least. I’m really not into pissing people off or writing for shock value. What I’d rather do is write articles of value, sharing the things I’ve learned so that other people can learn about them, too.

Some of these less controversial articles have caught the interest of curators. Some have not. And while I absolutely respect the job of curators to ensure only quality information is promoted on their site, there are a few times when I feel they judged too quickly and glossed over an important article I’d written. Either I didn’t do a good enough job getting to the point, or there were just so many other articles, mine got lost in the shuffle.

So to make sure you didn’t miss these, here are some of my non-curated articles that are still worth a read.

1. The Story Behind the Train of Lights in the Night Sky

Over the past week or so, my Facebook newsfeed has been filled with people wondering what they’re seeing as they watch dozens of lights travel the same path in the night sky. The answer? Starlink. I saw these lights for the first time in February, and wondered if we were experiencing an alien attack. I looked it up and discovered Starlink, a SpaceX mission that has gotten so little attention in the media, it’s surprising. I mean, if you follow information about technology and space, this is probably old news to you. But for those of us regular folk looking up in the sky and alarmed to see a bunch of lights moving in the same direction, this article helps to explain what it is, and how to find them again.

2. How to Write a Press Release About Your Book

I used to work for a newspaper, and one of my jobs was to write interest pieces, including articles about newly released books. Very quickly, I became a witness to what authors were doing WRONG in trying to get promotion about their book. This article shares some of the things you shouldn’t do, and it also shares how to present your book as something a reporter would want to write about.

3. Things Authors Should Post on their Facebook Page

I know, I know, people are trying to get away from Facebook. But let’s face it, Facebook is still here, and it’s still very useful to authors. While it’s easy to assume most of us know how to use a Facebook business page and reach our authors, the simple truth is, that’s not actually the case. Especially if you’re a new author, using Facebook as a social and promotion tool can feel daunting. This article shares how to spruce up your page, and then a few interesting things you can post about.

4. How to Still Love Writing When You Haven’t Found Success

Success as a writer takes time…and a whole lot of patience. It’s hard to not feel bright green with jealousy when you see success in other writers. However, here’s the truth — those are the outliers. The vast majority of us will have to work really, really hard to see any kind of success, and there’s a very scary chance that success still won’t happen. So what do you do if this is your passion, and people haven’t recognized your brilliance yet? This article helps navigate this possible reality.

5. How to Write a Novel in 30 Days

And finally, my favorite article about writing fast, thanks to the wisdom I’ve gained from NaNoWriMo. If you’ve ever wished you could churn out books a lot faster than you’re currently doing, this one shares the secrets.

Thanks for reading my non-curated articles! If you have any non-curated articles you think deserve a spotlight, please drop the link in the comments. I’d love to read what you have to say.

I don’t just write articles for Medium, I also write novels. My latest novel is Numbered, a dystopian romance set in 2050.

Find me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, website at crissilangwell.com.

I’m all over the place, but I try to be honest in all of it. Find my books and musings at crissilangwell.com.

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