Congratulations On Your Healthy Attitude About Food. I Can’t Relate.

Sure, diet culture and food restriction are terrible. But have you seen me around the break room goodies?

Crissi Langwell 🦋


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This week, I asked my Facebook friends to share what foods they would eat if there were no rules. And the comments were enough to make my mouth water. Pizza. Mozzarella sticks. Fried chicken. Red meat.

And then one friend asked who was making these rules.

My red flags started whipping in the judgment wind. I refrained from answering, choosing to hit the “laugh” emoji instead, acting like her question was just funny and not triggering. But you know me, I’m not one to keep quiet when I’m triggered. So I finally said something flippant about age and getting rounder and then moved on….

And then clicked over immediately when she replied back: “I enjoy the health of having an appetite. I love my body and tell it so in all of its forms. So, basically, I eat whatever feels good to eat in any given moment. I adjust my clothing for my fluffy body.”

Yeah. Thanks for sharing. How lucky for you.

Don’t get me wrong; what my friend shared was an absolutely healthy way of treating your body. I follow a million body positive accounts to try and grill this type of thinking into my head. I am well aware of how horrible diet culture and food restriction is.

I also know how it is to feel absolutely out of control when you are steps away from a break room table overflowing with holiday treats, which you are trying to avoid because you can’t just eat one, you’ll eat the whole goddamn table.

I know, because for two months last year, during the holiday season to boot, I did exactly this when I went on the “Fuck It Diet”. What is the Fuck It Diet? It’s when you realize that society is obsessed with diet culture and thinness and you decide to do away with all food rules and just eat food. And let me tell you, the two months I did this “diet” were glorious. I ate what I wanted, when I wanted, and how much I wanted. I ate foods that were “bad” for me. I ate after dinner. I ate seconds. I ate carbs, and sugar, and cheese, and gluten. If I wanted it, I ate it.



Crissi Langwell 🦋

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