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  • Amy Shearn

    Amy Shearn

    Content Lead for Writing @ Medium // Editor of Human Parts & Creators Hub // Novels: Unseen City; The Mermaid of Brooklyn; How Far Is The Ocean From Here

  • Jermaine Hall

    Jermaine Hall

    Jermaine Hall is VP, Content at Medium. When heโ€™s not running his two sons and wife from place to place heโ€™s watching Lakers games and drinking coffee.

  • Eduardo Morales

    Eduardo Morales

    @pinlord ๐Ÿ“Œ @potteryforall ๐ŸŒฑ & @macramemakers ๐Ÿถon Instagram. Demystifying how Instagram works๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿฝ Follow for updates: https://instagram.com/theeduardomorales

  • Shelby Leigh

    Shelby Leigh

    Helping writers navigate social media marketing. Author of 2 poetry books. Instagram @shelbyleighpoetry. shelbyleigh.co/more

  • Frank Szewczyk

    Frank Szewczyk

    Writer, Speaker, Teacher, Coffee Enthusiast. In the process of exploring life instead of managing life!

  • Edward Robson, PhD

    Edward Robson, PhD

    Retired psychologist, wordsmith, teacher, MFA candidate. Buy me coffee: ko-fi.com/edrobson. ecrobson@gmail.com

  • Jagjaguwar


    This is a ritual.

  • Grant Faulkner

    Grant Faulkner

    Executive Director of National Novel Writing Month, co-founder of 100 Word Story, writer, tap dancer, alchemist, contortionist, numbskull, preacher.

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