How To Escape Hustle Culture Without Sacrificing Your Goals

Most people fail to do this.

Crissi Langwell 🦋


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In another episode of life with the struggling writer, we have Crissi Langwell, procrastinator extraordinaire and filler of all time pockets. This last week was not much different than any of the others. My full-time job took up most of every day. A few freelance jobs were nearing deadlines. And the time I did have to write was mostly spent scrolling my phone for ideas (not recommended, by the way).

The weekend came, and my husband and I had a day-long retreat already on the calendar — one I was seriously considering skipping as I worried about all the things I still needed to do. Originally, this mini retreat was a chance to escape our stressors, and maybe even have time to write. But as the day approached, it felt irresponsible of me to take time off and recharge.

Thing is, I desperately needed to unplug. Much of the reason behind why I couldn’t write was because I had failed to give myself proper “margins” — planned downtime to rest and recuperate before heading back into the grind. I was burned out. I had no battery life left. So in the rare occasion I actually could sit with my writing, the words wouldn’t come because I was just too exhausted!

We ended up going on our mini retreat, which included a digital detox from our email, social media, news, notifications, and so on. And for the first two hours, I was still and silent, just soaking up my surroundings as my body and mind completely released. I catnapped. I contemplated the trees. I inhaled the air and watched the clouds.

And then, when I was ready, I wrote.

At first, the words were slow and clumsy. But soon, my body remembered what we were doing, and I couldn’t write fast enough. For three hours, I was in the flow. My mental editor took a vacation as I wrote without abandon. And now I have a worthy addition to my novel-in-progress, all because I took the time I needed to rest.

How are your margins? Have you scheduled in downtime to recharge your batteries? Are you unsure what that even looks like, or how to make it happen? Let me help.

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few



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