I am one of those people who severely wish I could get rid of social media, but don’t because I’m trying to build my brand as an author. As far as I can tell, social media has not helped me sell books hardly at all, and my following is lukewarm at best. The thought of deleting all my social media accounts sounds both freeing and terrifying. I’m constantly living under the stress of how I can use social media better, and believing that I’m failing. I’m also well aware that it’s all a dumb game that I’m feeding into, and completely a waste of time. That said, I worry that if I do delete my accounts, how will that hurt my brand? Will an agent/publisher pass me by if I don’t use social media (even though my current social media following is dismal)?
Then there’s my day job as a (wait for it) MARKETER where I have to use social media to help build the company’s brand.
Your article definitely gave me some things to think about though. Thank you.

I’m all over the place, but I try to be honest in all of it. Find my books and musings at crissilangwell.com.

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