In the last 6 months of last year, I lost 20 pounds by skipping my favorite foods (breads and sugars), paired with intermittent fasting. I got into a zone where I stopped overeating, breads and sugars no longer appealed to me, and weight was starting to drop.

And then, the holidays.

It started with a taste. Then a few bites. Then a whole dessert. Then gorge fests. I gained back 8 pounds over the holidays, and the clothes that were feeling loose are starting to feel tight again.

So I then decided counting calories was the way to go. And in theory, that really is the best way to go. But my thinking was that I could eat bread or enjoy something indulgent, as long as I counted calories. Yeah. Try keeping to calorie goals when you can’t stop stuffing your face.

I’ve known this time was coming, and your article confirms it. It’s time to kill my darlings. No more sugar. No more (sob!) bread.

But hello to feeling energetic, good moods, non achy joints, and looser clothing. I’m ready.

Thanks for the inspiration!

I’m all over the place, but I try to be honest in all of it. Find my books and musings at

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