I’ve written several books through handwriting first, and then retyping them for the second draft.

I am forced to go over each and every word.
A notebook I write in is awesomely portable and convenient, and I can take it anywhere.
The thought and creative process is different than when you type.

I like to see how many words I type in a session/scene/chapter, and handwriting doesn’t have that option.
My handwriting can be sloppy when I’m rushing (and sometimes illegible)
If I’m around water…water drops smear ink! (learned this the hard way)
If anything happens to my notebook, there’s NO backup.
Retyping is a huge chore.

After several handwritten books, I’ve decided typing is better for me. That said, there are times when I may still want to handwrite certain scenes, or need to because using the computer isn’t a good option (like when I’m camping). But if I do handwrite, I think I’ll type it up as soon as it’s convenient instead of waiting till I finish the book.

I’m all over the place, but I try to be honest in all of it. Find my books and musings at crissilangwell.com.

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