Thank you. I've been wrestling with this intersection of faith for a while, almost silently because it's just too scary to discuss, especially with people I used to worship next to, and especially because being in this intersection means I don't trust God, and if I don't trust God, if I doubt his existence, I'm hell bound. And if I sway anyone to have doubts like me, I'm sending them there with me... You see where I'm going. What do you do when your childhood faith starts to feel like a fairy tale, or when you're eyes are opened to how leaders control people through faith and it makes you question how that ties into a book you once deemed holy? At any rate, I appreciated the honesty in this article. I know there are a lot of people out there who are questioning the things they grew up believing, especially in our current time of uncertainty. It still feels lonely, though.

I’m all over the place, but I try to be honest in all of it. Find my books and musings at

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