Trump is Impeached, and We’re Leaving the Church

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What HE said

Jesus said, “whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me (Matthew 25:40).” Trump said, “When you prosecute the parents for coming in illegally, which should happen, you have to take the children away (VOX).”

In the wake of Trump’s policies

During Trump’s presidency, he has mandated travel bans that have affected US citizens of certain ethnicities, released a budget and tax plan that benefits the rich and punishes the poor and middle class, has rolled back numerous rights to LGBTQ citizens, terminated the Temporary Protected Status designation to immigrants of certain countries affected by armed conflict or natural disaster, and mandated the longest government shutdown in US history over the proposed border wall between the US and Mexico, thus hurting millions of federal workers and contractors, plus their families and communities (The Leadership Conference of Civil & Human Rights).

God in the White House

But as shocked as I’ve been over Trump’s lack of humanity and morality, even more dismaying has been seeing people I love and worship with, who serve the same God as I do, applauding our current administration, saying things like, “Trump has brought God back into the White House,” and believing he is actually making America Great Again — as if it’s been so terrible, and now it’s how it should be. The very people who have attended sermons with me that have included Jesus’ commands to clothe the poor and feed the hungry are also celebrating Trump’s crackdown on immigration that has placed human beings in cages, separated children from parents, and denied safety to refugees fleeing horrendous situations. How can these people believe God is in the White House when so many are hurting in the wake of Trump’s policies? How can they see God in a man who has repeatedly cheated on his wife, makes sexual comments about his own daughter, and has been accused of sexual assault, harassment, and rape?

Our decision to leave the church

This morning, an elderly member of my church posted on Facebook about her dismay over the impeachment. She was one of many, but hers stung the most because she’s a woman I’ve seen Jesus in, and who I hold dear to my heart. She became the final nail in this coffin of my church going days, settling in beside the other members of my faith who I once looked up to. I’m hurt by the ones who are vocal about their support for Trump. I’m even more hurt over the ones who remain silent.

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