YES. All of this. I'm going through this now. I'm sure a lot of people are, thanks to this global pandemic and our current political storm in the US. I left the church a year ago, and slowly felt my faith slipping away. And then.....dark night of the soul!!!! And oh man was it bleak. But in the past month I've felt myself awakening to new faith, and also new ways to honor myself. I've taken stock of the endless diet cycle I've been on and have STOPPED it cold turkey, finding soul-filling freedom in nourishment. It's caused me to let go of all the other ridiculous rules I've placed on myself. In my dark night, I felt like a rudderless ship. Now I feel a deeper sense of purpose - physically, emotionally, and spiritually. My connection with God feels different, deeper, less rule driven, and with a lot less guilt.

Thanks for sharing this. I feel this to my core!

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