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Uncommon signs you’re dangerously dehydrated, and how to fix it fast.

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Hint: It’s not the traditional gatekeepers.

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31 days without alcohol. Who’s with me?

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The four tools that saved my writing life, even while working a 9–5.

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She thought I was rude. She wasn’t wrong.

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There are a bunch of crazy symptoms that come with perimenopause, and hot flashes are only one of them

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Some people drop 1-star reviews like tiny little bombs, blowing up author careers right and left, then give 5 stars to surprising things.

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“The only thing to do here is walk around the desert.”

From rats and wind to hiking and exploring, here’s our experience of camping in the desert.

The view of the sunset from our tent at Cottonwood Campground in Joshua Tree. (Photo: Crissi Langwell)

Crissi Langwell 🌸

Trying to drink enough water and writing on Medium about writing, book marketing, and life. Find my books and musings at

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